Make Your Small Spaces Appear Spacious

Having a small space does not mean you can’t have big style. Here are some tips to maximize the space you have and make it pop.

Choose light colours. Light shades will make your space appear open and airy. Think white, sky blue and light neutrals.

Maximize wall space with shelving. Installing shelves is an inexpensive and space-conscious way to display collections and store your stuff without compromising precious floor space.

Choose furniture with rounded edges. When you’re short on space, every inch counts. Chairs and tables with rounded edges fit nicely into the corners of the room.

Install pocket doors. Pocket doors will save valuable floor space because they don’t swing out into the room. When you want to open up the space, simply slide the door into the wall.

Use pedestal tables. The narrow base of a pedestal table allows it to take up less floor space than other types of tables.

If you want to separate areas of a larger space, use curtains. You can pull them back when you want more space and draw them when you want privacy.

How to Arrange Furniture on a Rug

If you are using a rug to spruce up your living space, you may wonder what the protocol is with how to position your furniture. Does it have to be placed on the rug or around the rug? Here are three ways to arrange furniture for the best look.

Put it all on. Ideal for large rugs, placing all of your furniture on the rug makes the room feel more luxurious. Leave 12-18 inches of floor surface around all four sides of the borders for maximum impact.

Take all furniture off. Ideal for small rooms, taking the furniture off the rug will make the room appear larger. Keep all the legs of your furniture off the rug, while positioning the front legs of your couches and chairs to appear as though they’re touching, but not on, the rug.

Just the front. If you can’t decide, place only the front feet of your seating on the rug.

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