As a Seller:

I will set you up on the “Showing Time” system which will send you a text within seconds of a Buyers Agent requesting a showing. You or I can confirm the showings by simply responding with a Y (for yes) or an N (for no) to the text message you receive. The system will then notify you, me and the buyers agent that you have confirmed the showing. Once we have gone Active, you are also welcome to download the ‘Showing Time’ app and login simply by using the email address you provided to me. From the app, you will have immediate access to all showing information as well as any feedback from other realtors.

I will provide a few recommendations on how to prepare your home prior to a showing. Often, showings will be scheduled in 1-hour time blocks. The buyers agent will do their best to ensure that everyone removes their shoes,  turns off all lights afterwards and also leave a business card behind as a courtesy.

As a Buyer:

For you as the buyer, this is the fun part! This is your chance to explore what is available for you in your price range. Very often a buyers Needs & Wants list will change a bit once they’ve had the opportunity to preview some homes.

The process of viewing homes provides you with information in order to make the best decision possible. Helping you find a home is a process of elimination; not a process of selection. Viewing homes you don’t like is not a waste of time; it helps build a frame of reference to help you find what you do like.

I will schedule our showings in advance. Its great if we can provide the seller with as much notice as possible. When we arrive at the homes it is important for buyers to remember that very often, the seller is still living in the home. We will be courteous and respectful as we are guests in someone else’s home. We will remove our shoes and try our very best to arrive and leave within our allotted time-block. It’s my job to ensure we’re running on time and that we leave the home just as it was when we arrived. Your job, is to be very aware of what you like and what you dislike so that we may debrief afterwards to really drill down your wishlist.