Measurements are an important aspect of listing your home for sale. There is often a direct, but not proportional correlation between size and price. Calculating & communicating the size of your home is mandatory on our MLS system. Your realtor will likely measure your home, or hire a professional measurement company to ensure that the measuremnets represented on the listing service are congruent with the RMS.

Remember that property size isn’t the only thing buyers use to decide how much they are willing to pay for a property. Two homes, with the exact same measurements, are unlikely to sell at the same price. The selling price of a home will also depend on location, features, décor, and upkeep.

What is RMS & Why is it Important?

Alberta real estate professionals must use the Residential Measurement Standard (RMS) when measuring residential properties. This measurement standard helps consumers easily and accurately compare different types of residential properties.

The RMS offers a consistent means of representing the property’s above grade space. Among other things, the RMS sets out what parts of a property can be included in its measured-area.

For example, if a room has a dormer with a ceiling height of only 4 feet, is it included as floor space? What about finished basements that are entirely below grade? The RMS information benefits consumers in more way than one.

Your real estate professional is required to talk to you about property size, and the Residential Measurement Standard (RMS) in Alberta. Real estate professionals in Alberta must use the RMS when describing a residential property’s size.

If there are areas of your home that cannot be included when using the RMS, but you feel are an important selling feature, you can communicate those to potential buyers as additional information. Ensure the additional information isn’t misleading, and remember that if you are only including one size representation in the listing, that size must be the RMS size.

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Source: Real Estate Council of Alberta