Frequently Asked Questions From Sellers

That depends entirely on which REALTOR® you hire. As with most things in life, you truly do get what you pay for. I’d love to discuss my fees with you and elaborate on the services I provide.
In a word. Yes. Real estate fees are negotiable. Personally, as a rule, I do not negotiate my fees. I treat every client with respect by not favoring one client over another. Each client gets the top-level of service I provide and benefits from my skills in negotiating the best price for their home.
Noway! … Click here to find out why.

It would be my pleasure to provide you with a free price evaluation on your home. That being said, I like all my clients to know, that every REALTOR® has access to listing and sales data which they use to prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) on a property. We all have the same data, and we all have varying opinions on price that are usually within the same range. The truth is, that the LIST price of your home is 100% up to you. Another, not so exciting truth, is that SALE prices are what dictates the market and future sale prices within each area of the city. This is what makes ‘pricing’ so critical in the sale process. The good news, pricing and negotiation are my strongest skills as a REALTOR®, so you’re in good hands!

A great way to prepare to sell your home is to tidy and de-clutter. I have some great tips on where to start, click here to learn the 5 best ways to prepare your home!

There are also some other ways that you may want to prepare. One of those ways is to gather essential documents. One of the documents that you’ll want to get in order right away is the RPR (Real Property Report). To learn more about this document and where to get one, click here. 

Some other documents you’ll want to have on hand for your initial listing consultation can be found on here.