Planning to Sell? Think Like a Buyer

Although the majority of home buyers initially search online for the right home to purchase, more than 63 percent will walk through the home and nearly half will drive by it to get a view of the exterior.* Photographs are great for first impressions, but driving by the property provides a different perspective that allows buyers to get an idea of the home’s current status. A home with great curb appeal will entice potential buyers and prompt them to schedule a showing. What would stoke buyers’ interest in your home? Think like a buyer to find out.

Take a walk around your home’s exterior. Make a list of areas that need cleaning or repairs. Be honest and objective. I can help you answer the following questions:

1. What’s the first impression of your home? Answer the question as someone who’s never seen the home before instead of as the homeowner. Write a few words or phrases that describe your home, such as “classic,” “homey,” “well-landscaped,” etc.

2. What are the home’s best features? Note the features that stand out, such as a wraparound porch, classic columns, a well-maintained façade, etc. How can you enhance them? For example, if you want to highlight a wraparound porch, decorate it with hanging and potted
seasonal flowers and place seating where appropriate to create a tidy but inviting feel.

3. Which features should be minimized or improved? These are the features you’d prefer didn’t stand out to potential buyers, such as a spot in the yard where nothing grows or visible garden hoses. What can you do to help the features blend into the scenery and allow buyers to focus on the best features of the home?

Enlist help to prioritize. By the end of the walk, we may have a list of things you’d like to improve.I can also help you determine which changes are most important as well as connect you with a reputable trades person or service professional in our local area.

*Source: National Association of REALTORS, 2017 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers
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