Condominium Document Inspection

What on earth is a condominium document inspection and why would I want one? Well, buying a condominium is partially about buying the unit and partially about buying into the condo corporation. Each condo corporation has documents that identify details about their financial stability and their maintenance plans for the common areas. It’s critical that when buying a condo, you are aware of any and all relevant information regarding the condo corporation. Having a professional review these documents and prepare a report for you, is a great way to be fully informed.

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What is involved in a Condominium Document Inspection?

When you hire a document inspection company to review the documents for the condo you hope to buy, they will request a LONG list of documents from you. Most likely, your REALTOR® has already spoken to you about these documents and what all they entail. Your REALTOR® will have coordinated with the sellers REALTOR® and will drop off these documents to the inspection company of your choosing. The inspection company will then, read and review ALL of those documents and provide you with an extensive report on their findings.

  • Offer to Purchase & MLS Feature Sheet

  • Current Land Title Certificate

  • Operating Budget & Fee Schedule

  • Notice of Special Assessment (if any)

  • Current Financial Statement or Balance Sheet

  • Year End Audited Financial Statement

  • Reserve fund Study and Cash Flow Plan

  • Bylaws

  • Management Contract

  • AGM Meeting Minutes

  • Full Year Board Meeting Minutes

  • Engineers or technical audit Reports

  • Insurance Certificate

  • Lease for Parking Agreement

  • Newsletters

  • Rules and Regulations – Owners Guides

  • Restrictive Covenants (if any)

  • Condominium Plan

  • Condo Sheet (CAD)

  • Managers Letter

  • Statement of Claim (if any)