Tips for Staging Your Kitchen

Tips for Staging Your Kitchen The kitchen is often a home’s main focal point and the room that entices potential buyers. Although many sellers choose to complete a basic remodel before listing, a little paint, cleaning and properly placed dining items can make it look like new. Here are eight things you can do to [...]

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Get More ROI From Your Kitchen Renovation

Your Kitchen Renovation In addition to being one of the most popular renovations homeowners complete, the kitchen often nets the highest return on your investment (ROI) relative to other areas in your home. While many homeowners give the kitchen a minor update to keep it modern, others choose a full remodel to improve the [...]

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How to Retire Well

How to Retire Well Conventional wisdom suggests we should save about 10 to 12 times our current income; however, many people approach retirement having saved much less. According to the Canada Project Poll with Macleans, 62 percent of Canadians say they’re “very” or “somewhat” confident they’ll have enough money to retire at age 67 [...]

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Good Financial Habits

Good Financial Habits to Keep You Debt-Free 1 Be mindful of spending. Whether you want to lower your debt or pay it off altogether, it’s crucial to be conscious of what you spend. Track your expenses to help you see where money is going. 2 Create and stick to a budget. Create a realistic [...]

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Benefits of Reduced Debt

Benefits of Reduced Debt If you’ve set a goal to pay down your debt this year, you’re not alone. According to a recent study, more than half of Canadians have set a goal to pay off debt in 2018.* Strategically reducing or paying off debt benefits your finances tremendously, but can positively impact [...]

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Organization Tips For Each Room of The House

Organization Tips For Each Room of The House Kitchen The kitchen is the hub of the home, and it tends to collect the most clutter from other parts of the house. Start clearing one area of the kitchen at a time, beginning with storage spaces, including the pantry, cupboards and drawers. In the pantry: [...]

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Stay Organized and Clutter-Free

Stay Organized and Clutter-Free Once you’ve simplified and organized your home, keep it in good shape with these tips. Give everything a place. Designate a place for everything you own–from remote controls and keys to phone chargers and paperwork–and purchase storage bins to keep it all contained. Do a clutter check each week. Schedule [...]

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Declutter Your Living Spaces

Declutter Your Living Spaces The average person will spend a total of 3,680 hours, or 153 days of their life, searching for misplaced items. Typically, the only time many of us think about decluttering our homes or spaces is when we’re getting ready to move. Whether you’re moving or just want to save time [...]

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Hire the Right Contractor or Service Pro

Hire the Right Contractor or Service Pro Hiring a contractor can be stressful, especially if you’re planning a major renovation. Use the following guidelines to help you hire the right person for your next home project. These tips also apply if you’re hiring a tradesperson or service professional to tackle any project [...]

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Planning to Sell? Think Like a Buyer

Planning to Sell? Think Like a Buyer Although the majority of home buyers initially search online for the right home to purchase, more than 63 percent will walk through the home and nearly half will drive by it to get a view of the exterior.* Photographs are great for first impressions, but driving by [...]

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