Selling Your Home Step-By-Step

Selling your home can be an overwhelming and intimidating process! Aside from selecting the right REALTOR® and the importance of pricing, there is so much more you’ll need to know along the way. That’s where your REALTOR® comes in. The right REALTOR® will ensure that you’re familiar with how to prepare your home for sale, priced right to profit more, maximize your exposure to buyers, negotiate like a master and also help you calculate your estimated net proceeds after all costs.

1- Hire a Realtor

  • Learn why a realtor makes your life easier

2- Get a CMA

  • What is your home worth?

3- Order an RPR

  • What is an RPR & Why do I need one?

4- Get the House Ready

  • What should I do to get ready?

5- Listing Documents

  • Things to have on hand

6- Photos & Virtual Tour

  • Why I hire a Professional

7- Measurements

  • Why are measurements important

8- Approve the Incoming Listing

  • Your chance to check my work

9- Showings

  • How will showings work?

10- Negotiating an Offer

  • Why you will be glad you hired me

11- Conditional Period

  • What to do while you wait

12- Firm Sale

  • The SOLD sign gets dropped off!

13- Meet with Your Lawyer

  • Finalizing the legalities of your sale

14- Possession Day

  • What should you leave for the buyers?