Hiring a Home Inspector

Hiring a Home Inspector is a great way to protect yourself and become more familiar with what you are buying. Home Inspectors are able to look at the insides of the home, they are able to find things we wouldn’t necessarily find on our own and if nothing else, they can provide you with peace of mind. It’s important to learn the in’s and out’s of your new home on both a technical and structural level.

Kevin Sixsmith
Kevin SixsmithHome Inspector
(403) 257-4820
[email protected]
Barry Malesh
Barry MaleshHome Inspector
(587) 582-5855
[email protected]
Jason Chow
Jason ChowHome Inspector
(403) 606-4546
[email protected]

Questions to ask your Home Inspector

  • Are you a licenced home inspector?

  • What kind of warranties are available?

  • Do you offer thermal imaging?

  • Are you an insured home inspector?

  • Do you offer a Recall Check?