The Home Buying Process Step-By-Step

1-  Hire a REALTOR

  • Learn why a realtor makes your life easier

2-  Get a Mortgage Pre-Approval

  • Why do so many deals fall through?

3- Set up a Search

  • Discuss your Needs & Wants with your realtor & determine what you’re actually looking for

4- Shopping

  • What is the etiquette for a showing?

5- Making an offer

  • Why am I the best choice for negotiating?

6- Satisfying Conditions

  • What conditions could I have on my offer?

7- Waiving Conditions

  • Is your deal firm now?

8- Prepare for the Move

  • Who do you need to notify?

9- Meet with your lawyer

  • How to finalize your sale

10- Possession Day

  • What happens now?