More About Zoe

I was introverted as a youth and discovered a passion for sewing. I left home after high school and went to Olds College to study my passion. After a few years of trying to get into the fashion world, I discovered that a passion for your work only gets you so far. In the mean time I started Weight Watchers, later joined the Weight Watchers staff and slowly started breaking out of my shell. I had discovered a new passion, helping people achieve their goals. Something was still missing. Upon joining Angela’s team I found the missing piece of having a fulfilling career, one not only needs passion for their work but also encouragement, support and inspiration in the work environment.

My main hobby is baking. While I have been trained in advanced sewing I found that it didn’t give me the quick release baking does, as a baking project only takes a few days at most while sewing projects take a week at least. I love making and challenging myself with new deserts. I get my creative release from flavoring and decorating them. I have also taken up running and have participated in a few of the 4 km cross country races put on by the Calgary Road Runners.