More About Angela

My Main Man

As passionate as I am about Real Estate it falls in as a close second to my number one priority and that is of course, family. I am fortuante to have most of my extended family here in Calgary or surrounding areas like Airdrie, Strathmore or Okotoks. At home, my family is just 2. Myself and my fur baby, Steven. One of my favorite things to do on a day off is to pick up a coffee and head to the dog park with Steve. We’re 2 peas in a pod… as klutzy & clumsy as we are upbeat & cheerful. I wouldn’t describe either of us as athletic but we’re definitely social and just glad to be out in the fresh air.



I am also quite involved in the Toastmasters International organization. I am the president of the CREB Talkers Toastmasters Club which meets every week at the Calgary Real Estate Board. In an effort to improve my leadership skills, I also took on a role as an Area Director for our Toastmasters District 42 here in Calgary. Toastmasters has had an absolutely enormous impact on my life in more ways than one. Most people who’ve heard of Toastmasters know us to be a public speaking program, which we are… but its about SO much more than public speaking. Toastmasters is about communication in general! Not just about speaking, but about listening, providing feedback and growing in all areas of communication. On top of that, Toastmasters has an entire education path on improving leadership skills which I am just beginning to scratch the surface of in my role as an area director.

Weight Watchers

Most people who know me well, knew me when my biggest struggle in life was my weight. Most of us have been overweight at some point in our lives and I am no exception. Enter, Weight Watchers. A life changing solution to my overwhelming need to lose weight. My clients know that on Wednesday evenings, I don’t show homes, I don’t make calls, I don’t book appointments, and I don’t list houses. On Wednesday evenings I check myself into the shop and attend the Weight Watchers meeting that I’ve spent many years attending. At first, I attended as a member with a long journey ahead of me. Eventually that lead to my attendance as a ‘lifetime’ member, learning how to maintain my weight and holding myself accountable to my new healthy way of life. For the past 5 years now I have been attending as a group leader, encouraging others and reminding them that we’ve all been where they are and that weight loss is not only achievable but enjoyable.


It’s no secret that one of my true passions is dancing. I enjoy many types of dancing but specifically I love ballroom, latin and country. Dancing is something that really challenges me. I love it because it forces me to put complete faith in my partner while still maintaining my strength and independence. It’s challenging to simply ‘feel’ what someone else is telling you to do and then respond accordingly. Essentially, you are doing what someone is telling you to do… without being literally told, without sharing your own opinion and without being able to see where you’re going. Imagine that! My favorite thing about dancing though, is that it allows me to escape into the moment. My mind quits racing about all the other things going on in my world and I focus on 3 things. Myself. My partner. The music.